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Our premier dice will take you on your adventure no matter what realm you play.

Each order includes seven sets of dice (seven dice per set, for a total of 49 dice), each with their own black drawstring dice bag. All seven sets are individually packaged and then sealed together with the seven drawstring dice bags. You'll receive seven dice in the following colors: green, blue, red, purple, black, orange, and yellow for a total of 49 dice. The dice are identical to those pictured. You will not be surprised by the dice you get. Whether you're a wizard, fighter, or something completely different these dice will assist you through all of your quests! You can be confident in your purchase with RPG Armory's quality dice and dice bags.

  • + Highest quality dice in NEW, factory-sealed bag
  • + Includes 7 sets (7 dice per set) of Marble style dice for a total of 49 dice
  • + All dice are the same color as pictured
  • + Includes 7 Drawstring dice bags, great for each member of the party!
  • + 7 different color sets in one package, great for the collector or for a party!

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